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The role of leadership is the lynch-pin of success. At Oorjita, the mission of successfully delivering projects in a structurally safe, energy efficient, timely delivery, environmentally aware, ergonomically comfortable and economical viable manner is handled by it’s founding members. Mr. Veer Prakash & Chandra Dev both bring solid experience and a firm commitment that inspires trust and loyalty from clients. Mr. Veer Prakash’s energy and entrepreneurial spirit along with Mr. Chandra Dev’s expertise together steers the team of experts at Oorjita.


Oorjita’s standards of construction project management lies aligned with it’s policy of subcontractor and labour management. We secure labor after carefully selecting subcontractors and manpower with proven track records and according to safety performance norms, excellence in delivery and constructional success. We pride ourself on our practical approach during all phases of the project; with experts in the field of construction, engineering, quality, rigging, welding, software systems, and modular structures.


Oorjita has been providing Construction services and Project Development expertise using a mix of time tested technologies, rock solid work processes and modern technological innovations to provide the best results for clients and customers alike. Whether it is about delivering complex construction projects on-time and within budget or designing diverse facilitates or effectively mobilizing skilled construction teams using the latest advanced methodologies, Oorjita juggles local considerations, cultural diversity, global trends and local tastes with ease.